Our excellent Static Caravan Insurance Policy is designed to offer

excellent low cost cover for Static Caravans, Chalets and Lodges used for Holidays or as a second home


So why should you choose us over everyone else?  Our Holiday Home Policy is the result of over 40 years experience in the market. What really sets us apart is that our policies are tailor made for your exact requirements. In other words, you won't find yourself paying for cover you don't want or need. For example, if you feel your unit is sufficiently drained down for there to be no need to insure against frost damage, we can happily take that cover off the policy and you will not be charged a premium for it.  We will only cover caravans for their actual value/replacement costs, unlike other insurers who may use ‘blanket figures' and charge for additional cover you may never get the benefit of. Our policies keep you covered all year round, even during the closed season, so in the winter months you can relax in the knowledge your caravan is covered. Static Caravan Insurance 

We are also able to offer an excellent Legal Protection insurance package administered by Lawshield UK for a small additional premium.  

Key Features

  • Accidental damage to the caravan covered as standard.
  • In addition to the usual Fire, Flood, Theft and Storm damage cover and a whole range of other perils.
  • Cover all year round, whether your site is open or closed*.
  • No need to worry about taking your contents home during the close season
  • No requirement to regularly check your home.
  • You may find in the smallprint that our competitors ask you to check the home at least once a week, not us.
  • £2,500 delivery, siting and clearance costs can be given free of charge.
  • You need only ask for it and pay for any additional cover you may need.
  • Cumulative No Claims Discount available.
  • Continue to renew claim free and we will reward you with additional discounts each year.
  • Up to 50% discount available.
  • Including over 50s discount, up to 20 years age of home discount, tiled roof and more.
  • New for Old cover has no set age limit providing the home is kept in a good state of repair.
  • Look after your home and it keep it well maintained and we will happily insure you New for Old.
  • Loss of use cover included.
  • So there will be no need to worry about loss of rental income as well as a damaged home.

*Subject to terms and conditions, see Policy Booklet and Summary of Cover for full detail

Insurance Guide

When you consider the construction of a static caravan compared to, say, your ‘bricks and mortar' house, the likelihood of significant damage from strong winds, hail and even flooding is significantly higher. What may be an inconvenient matter of replacing carpets at home could be a write-off for a caravan. They are also far more susceptible to damage caused by frost and, given they can often be unoccupied most of the year, can be a target for thieves.

Here are a couple of suggestions to protect your home and choose the right insurance policy:-

  • Ensure you water system is fully drained by a proffessional over Winter.  When shutting the caravan up for the winter, pay the site or a local plumber to drain your system fully so that as little water is left in your system as possible. Even the slightest amount of residual water can freeze and cause a burst. Ensure the water is turned off at the mains to avoid any subsequent escape of water. Lagging all the pipes you can is also an excellent practice.
  • Ensure that you regularly maintain your property. Insurance policies are not designed to cover wear and tear so it is important that you have your roof and other structural aspects checked regularly to ensure the home remains in a good state of repair. Similarly, regular plumbing and electrics/wiring checks are always recommended. Insurers may check that such maintenance work has been carried out in the event of a claim, so keeping receipts will always be beneficial.
  • Check you have adequate cover for delivery, siting and clearance costs.  Many Insurers will happily cover your caravan, however in the event of your home being damaged beyond repair, it is not just the replacement caravan itself that you need to worry about. Caravan sites will almost always charge you to clear your plot of the debris from the old home and will charge you again to deliver your new home to the plot, site it and reconnect your services. Ensure that you're covered for these costs or you could find yourself significantly out of pocket in the event of a claim. We are able to provide the first £2,500 free of charge on request, however should you require higher cover then we can do this too. For clarity, we always show your delivery and siting cover separately so you know exactly what you are covered for.
  • Understand the differences between a ‘New for Old' policy and an ‘Indemnity' policy. Insuring New for Old means you need to make sure your caravan is insured for the cost to replace with a brand new equivalent from the manufacturer. Insuring on an Indemnity basis, or ‘Market Value' basis as it is often referred to, means you are insuring your caravan for its current value on the open market. It is important to consider for both types of cover that the amount you insure for is just for the caravan itself and does not take into account any increased value you feel the home may have due to its location. If you insure your home for more than what it is actually worth you will almost always pay a higher insurance premium but with no additional benefits in the event of a claim. This is one of the reasons why we try to keep your premium as low as we can and do not insure your home for a blanket figure of, say, £250,000.00 like some of our competitors do.
  • Check how much Liability cover your site requires.  Caravan Insurance is a mandatory requirement for many caravan sites over the country. Pay particular attention to what amount of Public Liability cover your site requires. We can offer £1 million or £2 million cover as standard under the policy, but can increase to £5 million if required. Ensure you ask for the correct amount when obtaining a quote. Once again, some of our competitors will boast figures such as £5 million liability cover as ‘standard' but why pay the premium for such levels of cover when it may not be required?
  • Check the smallprint!  Be aware that some insurance polices that seem to offer great cover for a cheap premium may well have some undesirable conditions that are not clearly advertised at the point of sale. Some policies, for example, will remove the majority of the cover on your caravan if you fail to check on it on a weekly basis, exclude contents cover over the winter or may apply large excesses to the policy sections most frequently claimed under.


How long will you cover my caravan New for Old?

We have no set age limit with regards to New for Old cover. Providing your van is regularly maintained, kept in excellent condition and maintains current standards then we will happily cover you for New for Old, whether your van is 5 years old or 15.

What should I do if I need to claim?

In the unfortunate event of you needing to claim under your policy, you should contact us a soon as possible and provide details of what has happened, when it happened and what losses/damages you wish to claim for. At this point you will be issued a claim form, and you may also be requested to supply estimate for repairs or replacements. Once you return these to us, the Underwriters will then authorise repairs and, upon receipt of the invoices, your settlement will be made. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the easiest possible experience when it comes to making a claim. The majority of claims are also dealt with in-house, so there is no waiting around.

Do you cover Televisions, DVD Players and other Video/Audio equipment?

Such items are deemed as a higher theft risks and as such they are insured separately from standard contents on our policy. You will be asked to specify such items you wish to insure during the quotation.

Will my holiday home be insured when I am not there?

Yes, our policies will cover your home and its contents all year round*, provided you take a few basic steps to securing your home and preparing for the cold weather.

Can I cancel my policy?

Your policy is a 12 month contract so there is no automatic right for cancellation. However, upon request we do allow you to cancel your policy and in many cases there would be a return premium made to you. Please note that policy fees are not refundable and the Underwriters will deduct at least the minimum premium from any return.


Please find below a link to copies of our Policy Summary and our Terms of Business for your information. Should you require any more details that cannot be obtained from these documents, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

Terms of Business (pdf)

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